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How to Duplicate a Page In WordPress Using Plugin

Duplicate WordPress Page – Creating a duplicate of a WordPress page or a post can be very useful when the need arises. Is it possible to duplicate a page or post with just one click? Yes! Duplicating pages and posts is very easy.

In this article, we`ll look at how to duplicate a page or a post in WordPress safely by introducing a powerful new plugin that can help you achieve this goal. Follow me!

When using a plugin, cloning a page becomes very easy. The WordPress plugins I will be sharing with you will duplicate your page and post with one single click. It saves you time and energy modifying your WordPress websites code directly.

Show me the plugin right? The only plugin you need to clone your page or post is called DUPLICATE POST (YOAST DUPLICATE POST)

Duplicate WordPress Pages & Post (Yoast Duplicate Post)

A few months ago, team Yoast acquired duplicate post plugin, so, the new plugin is called Yoast duplicate post.

The following steps will help you install, activate and show you how to use the plugin.

Step 1

Install and activate the WordPress plugin.

How to Duplicate a Page In WordPress Using Plugin

Step 2

On activation, visit any of the post or page you would like to duplicate.

how to duplicate a wordpress page

Step 3

There are two new options there – Clone and New Draft.

Cloning  pages

If you click on the clone, you will create a duplicate post or page and will not open a clone or duplicate in the post editor. If you hover to the ‘New Draft’ option, you will duplicate the post and open a new duplicate version in the post editor.

That`s all, I hope this guide answers all your questions about how to duplicate or clone a WordPress page or post with a plugin.

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